Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Lou lou skip to my lou

Here is a random thought of the day... when was the last time that you went skipping?

Do you remember when you were a kid and would spend the afternoon running and skipping around the back yard.  I remember that I loved to skip.  In fact, I broke my wrist once while I was skipping (but that is a whole different story).

But seriously, what would happen if we skipped to work instead of walking.  What about running?  Is skipping an appropriate cardio workout?  I remember when I was in elementary school and we had to run a mile.  I decided to skip it and got in trouble for not jogging.  I ask you... what is the big deal.

Skipping is fun.  Skipping makes me laugh.  And yes, I did actually attempt it in the last 24 hours.  I looked and felt like a moron, but in a glorious way.

Why don't we skip?  Are we too old and mature to pretend we're young and carefree again?  I say no.  I also suggest that you give it a whirl in this next week.  Who knows, perhaps we'll start a new trend.

What's the worst that could happen, we pretend that we're six again, even if it is for 15 minutes.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Head vs Heart

Here is some food for thought. I am sitting on an airplane and my mind is wondering and I started thinking about the life long and epic battle between head and heart. You know the battle that I am talking about. Do you follow your head and make the logical decisions in life? Or, do you follow your heart and go with your feelings?

My conclusion - go with the head.

While I am someone to make a decision based on a gut feeling and my intuition, this is still made with my head, not my heart. I have been thinking about moments in my life. The good, the bad, and the really really hilarious (OK not hilarious, but the really really ugly). And I can honestly say that my best decisions were always made with my head. When I make decisions with my heart, it always turns out badly and I always get hurt.

Yet, I never give up on making decisions with my heart. And this frightens the bejesus out of me. I know it is a bad thing to do, yet I still want to make decisions based on my heart.

Does anyone have any advice on how to stop this?

My head protects me. My head sets me up for success. My head challenges me to do better, to do more, to make a difference, My heart puts me into vulnerable situations. My heart forces me to put others' needs so much before my own, that I lose my spirit (and I am already one that tends to do this).. My heart changes the "Amyness" about me. When I am making decisions with my heart, my friends notice. They tell me that I am not the same, that I lose my drive and spirit.

I have to wonder, am I the only one? And, how do I stop it?

I am not trying to be cynical here. I am honestly just wondering.

The other day a friend asked me if I loved someone once. I responded that I did, but it doesn't matter. She was shocked at my practical answer. I further explained that if I let myself face life with my heart making decisions, then I would be a ruined weak pain, unable to figure out what I want, always getting hurt.

By the way, this isn't about love. This is about how you, how I, live my life. The decisions we make and the consequences we live with.

If something is right in life, then it is right. And my head will get me there... At least I hope it will.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sweet 16... Or bust + the curse of me

The Hoosier had a fabulous year in basketball. They are (we're) back and it was fun to watch over the season. Fortunately, when they made it to the Sweet 16, they were coming to Washington DC. This was going to be fun. I love going to major sporting events.

As it turns out, my family also likes major sporting events and my cousin, her boyfriend and my aunt and uncle set out from Indiana to join me in DC to cheer on the Hoosiers.

Unfortunately, my sports curse struck. And the Hoosiers lost and it wasn't close.

Here is my journey.

We arrive three hours before the game. I am dressed and ready. Then I discover that they don't sell, beer. Omen #1.

My family is a bit stressed, but they are ready to cheer.

IU takes the court and our hopes are still alive. It is a fun and magical moment. Then tipoff.

What happened next was nothing short of a tragedy. You can see it playing out in my aunts face. Anticipation, cheering, and the realization we are toast.

This is the story f my sports watching. Me at the Nationals playoff game where we blew it in the 9th the ND National Championship where we didn't even show up. and the Sweet 16, where a different am showed up. If only I had the willpower to ban myself from these events... Maybe my teams would be doing a lot better.

Alas, I am a sports fan and I will continue cheering on my teams.


Sunday, March 31, 2013

Wait, what?

So in another one of my horrible decisions, I went on a date in the middle of brunch with friends, in the middle of March Madness.

The day started out as follows - I meet my friend and her friend for brunch at Front Page.  Everything is going well, we're laughing, we're eating, we're watching basketball. Then I realized that I scheduled a quick "date" with a guy.  He was over 40, but liked NFL, was a diver.  This had potential.

Then the horror.  Indiana University was playing during this time.  No problem, we'll meet at a sports bar.  Problem is.  He isn't a basketball fan.  And it isn't that he wasn't an IU basketball fan.  He had no idea what March Madness was.  He didn't know what a bracket was.

My reaction when I had to explain to him the bracket system:

The result, I left as soon as humanly possible and met my friends at a proper sports bar to cheer on the Hoosiers.

I mean seriously?!?  What human living in the United States doesn't know what a bracket is?

Saturday, March 30, 2013


I try to be an open person.  Willing to try and accept new things.  Then I realized... I have to have some standards.

Since when are men so... so... well I don't know what.  After a few recent dating escapades, I've realized that I need to implement the following standards when it comes to going out with someone.
  1. Must offer to pay for dinner / drinks / coffee.  It is just the gentlemanly thing to do.  Don't worry about it, I'll offer to pay my fair share, or treat you to drinks later, but chivalry. Well... it is a good thing.
  2. Must have a job and / or actively looking for a job.  I realize the market may be tough, but I am not a sugar mamma. 
  3. Must have basic sports knowledge.  I'm talking BASIC.  Must know what March Madness is.  Must know what a bracket is.  Must know the difference between a tight end and wide receiver.  I'm not asking for much.  I'm not even asking for them to know the difference between SLG and OBP stats in baseball.  Just BASIC sports stuff. 

You would think that these standards are pretty basic.  Well, let me tell you, apparently they are pretty high. Who knew that basic rules about being a dude would have to be enforced.  And, for the record, it isn't just me.  I've talked with other girlfriends and they've noticed the same thing. 

Perhaps it is just the guys in DC.  Perhaps I need to move to find guys willing to meet my minimum standards.  Hmmm... pondering thoughts.