Friday, July 16, 2010


Oh cabrewing... How do I miss thee. Let me count thy ways.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term... Cabrewing is a wonderful combination of canoeing and drinking beer. Ahh glorious.

I miss the woods and no traffic. I miss being able to pick up and cabrew without a worry in the world.

Rockne was excited. He hadn't been for a while. At first he was nervous in the canoe. I think he is the primary reason I like to go. He is hilarious canoeing.

He quickly decided he didn't like my boat and jumped from canoe to canoe to find the best beer. I was with my bro and a bunch of his friends. I think they all liked him.

Pretty soon we were hot and had to cool off in the river. We pulled our boats to the side and waded in. After a while, rockne was mad and wanted to join us. He started swimming out, but the current was taking him down stream.

They boys rescued him and brought him back up river. While he was being carried up stream (the whole front of his body was out of water) he kept swimming (you know to help out). It was especially hilarious because you just saw his paws moving. This went on for a while.

Towards the end, we pulled off to hike and chase frogs. Rockne decided that he would rather build a fort from huge rocks. And so he did. These rocks were gigantic and he would dig them up to create a pile.

I forgot to mention that I brought the city slicker with me (this was during the 500 weekend). Let's just say his canoe tipped, he lost his shoes, and he wasn't wearing a bathing suit.

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