Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sweet 16... Or bust + the curse of me

The Hoosier had a fabulous year in basketball. They are (we're) back and it was fun to watch over the season. Fortunately, when they made it to the Sweet 16, they were coming to Washington DC. This was going to be fun. I love going to major sporting events.

As it turns out, my family also likes major sporting events and my cousin, her boyfriend and my aunt and uncle set out from Indiana to join me in DC to cheer on the Hoosiers.

Unfortunately, my sports curse struck. And the Hoosiers lost and it wasn't close.

Here is my journey.

We arrive three hours before the game. I am dressed and ready. Then I discover that they don't sell, beer. Omen #1.

My family is a bit stressed, but they are ready to cheer.

IU takes the court and our hopes are still alive. It is a fun and magical moment. Then tipoff.

What happened next was nothing short of a tragedy. You can see it playing out in my aunts face. Anticipation, cheering, and the realization we are toast.

This is the story f my sports watching. Me at the Nationals playoff game where we blew it in the 9th the ND National Championship where we didn't even show up. and the Sweet 16, where a different am showed up. If only I had the willpower to ban myself from these events... Maybe my teams would be doing a lot better.

Alas, I am a sports fan and I will continue cheering on my teams.


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