Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Flip Flop Fiasco on the Metro

If you read my blog occasionally, you know a few things about me.  For the purpose of this blog... I want to focus on two - I am a bit clumsy (I call it part of my charm) and I am vertically challenged (not really short, but only 5'5").

Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on your perspective) summer is upon us in Washington, DC.  True, we may have over a month until it is official, but it is hot and humid.  What does this mean for me?  It means that I'm getting a new air conditioner so that my dog doesn't pass out because of heat exhaustion and it means that I wear flip flops to work and then change into my heels.

This story isn't probably going where you think it is... it is not about me falling in flip flops while I walk (although this does tend to frequently happen). The flip flops become an issue when I get on the Metro in the morning.

In the winter, I usually wear boots or some sort of shoe with a 3+ inch heel to work.  This includes riding on the Metro.  It is cold outside and who wants to take off and put back on shoes?  Certainly not me.  However, my feet like freedom... not freedom from tyranny, but freedom from shoes

Things are always better with a Braveheart clip... Enjoy!

This is why I look forward to the summer where my feet are free in flip flops.

The only problem is... it means that I can't quite reach the top bar in the Metro car.  In heels, I can barely grab the bar. In flip flops, even when I stand on my tip toes (which isn't recommended giving my record in being able to keep balance), I can't really reach it... only the tips of my finger can reach the bar to somewhat hold me in position.

This has become an issue lately.  Because of my superb balance, I usually hold on in the Metro, but in rush hour, beggars can't be choosers. 

This morning... it all came into fruition.  Instead of bouncing around my fellow passengers when the train jerks around.  I did a full on fall. Yep! It was supremely graceful.  I ended up sitting in a dumbfounded business man's lap with about 20 people staring at me.  Not really sure what to say (and not really able to get up), I hopped off at the next stop and walked the rest of the way into work.

It isn't often that something will embarrass me or get me to blush... I think I found my threshold.


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Rosey said...

LVOE this. And this kind of story makes me glad (not really) that my commute is in my car. Even in 3" heels, I have trouble reaching the straps. If I'm not near a pole, I'm going down.

That last sentence sounds dirtier than I meant it to.

Amy O'Connor said...

Dirtier or not...

"that's what she said"