Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pet Peeve - Bad Fashions from the 80's

As I've previously stated, I am a big fan of the 80's... well at least 80's music. I think I can do without the 80's fashion (see Jeans and Jean Jackets) of neon colors, oversized shirts, shoulder pads, ugly scarves and the list goes on. Instead of going on a tirade about all of the 80's fashions here, I think I'll just bring it up when I have a sighting.

Here goes (now brace yourself)... I was walking to the metro this morning when I spied something awful... it was like a car crash, I wanted to look away, but I couldn't bring myself to do so. There was a woman... waiting for a bus... she was wearing jeans and hit the trifecta of 80's bad.
  1. She had on skinny jeans (now these are coming back into fashion, but I still judge people who really can't pull them off)
  2. They were black (when is the last time you've seen black skinny jeans???)
  3. This is the clincher... they were stone-washed!!!! I mean really?!?

The trifecta was awful... but I'm scared... are stone-washed jeans really coming back into fashion? I hope not... at this point, I'm just hoping that the new fad is neon everything over stone-washed jeans (I say this now... in a year I hope I don't own a pair).


I have to share this response to my posting... Enjoy!

Rosey: Oh Honey. i just read your blog post. clearly you don't read the fashion blogs, because #1 and #2 are WAYYYYY totally fashionable
Rosey: and #3 is on the verge, but isn't totally back yet
Rosey: it like how leggings were fashionable last year. just leave the 80s alone.
Amy: i don't read the blogs... but it is still unacceptable
Rosey: :-)
Amy: regardless if people think back in fashion
Amy: some decisions people make are just WRONG!
Amy: this is one of them...
Amy: i feel it is my duty to state the obvious and let people know that it is wrong
Rosey: and what a great duty
Amy: especially because the person wearing the jeans had the biggest butt in the world and it just made it worse
Amy: and i mean HUGE! that was the part of the car accident that made my jaw drop
Rosey: ha ha ha, too bad there's no picture
Amy: i was too stunned, regretful decision

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Rosey said...

Ha ha ha, get used to it, girlie!!!