Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lesson Learned - Be Careful What You Ask For...

I while ago I commented to some fellow Washingtonians that they don't have big storms out here in Washington. My hypothesis was that the Appalachians disrupt the weather patterns and the storms dissipate. Keep in mind, I am used to storms so strong that you stand in the middle of your house, hoping that your windows don't blow out and wondering... why didn't I buy a house with a basement. I've seen flash floods come rolling down the street and up to my house. I've seen tornado's and I've seen winds rip apart a skyscraper. These are storms.

Well... this morning, I'm in bed (not sleeping per usual). It was 5:50am and I turned on the news. They were telling me about some storms getting ready to roll through the district. I thought sweet... RAIN... I like RAIN. Well be careful what you ask for. This storm had some bite. I was enjoying listening to the lightening and thunder. I finally got out of bed to take Rockne for a walk. I opened my front door and said, "Well, this is new."

The tree in front of my house was severed and struck by lightening. It was blocking my path and I couldn't exit. Take a look.

Moral of my story... be careful what you ask for... you just might get it. Welcome to my Absurd Reality.

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