Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pet Peeve - Jean Jackets with Jeans - Fashion Statement or Fashion Faux Pas???

Do I really have to answer this? I mean REALLY?!? Clearly there is only one answer and that is yes... it is a fashion faux pas. I'm not sure if it is the tourists visiting DC or when people keep saying that the 80's are back that they're serious.

Let's go through a few examples...

Example one - yes I'll admit that she's hot, but is this still really acceptable? I say no.

Example two - While clearly this guy is drunk.... can you see what he is wearing? While I am big proponent of vintage t-shirts, this is not ok... can you see the elastic band on his jacket?
I am now on a personal tirade against all people who wear jean jackets and jeans. Just as a point of clarification, jeans are ok... jean jackets are ok (if they do not contain and elastic band) but jeans and jean jackets are not ok when worn together.

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Anonymous said...

agreed texas tuxedos are never ok