Friday, March 29, 2013

Roller bags and why business people should be banned from taking them on the metro

Is it just me, or have you seen a lot more roller bags on the metro lately?  This past week, I've had the heavy bags roll over my toes, tripped over a stray handle, and straddled a bag because the owner didn't properly move it to accommodate for rush hour capacity.

Before I begin, let me just say, I have no problems with people taking luggage on the metro.  I applaud the use of public transportation to get to the airport.  Business travelers are generally considerate. And tourists, well, I'll just give you a pass for using the metro.  Luggage goers tend to try and move bags to accommodate others. To the travelers I say - Bravo!

So here goes. Reasons why business men and women with the rolling briefcases should be banned from the metro.

  1. You're a seasoned metro rider and are more jaded about the people around you on the daily commute.  You're just not paying attention because you're not holding the bag, it is beside you.  If you carried your bag, you'd be more aware of what is happening to the riders next to you.
  2. Why do you need such a big bag in the first place?  Is your computer that big?  It is 2013, buy a smaller computer.  Are you lugging around a bunch of documents?  PDF's are great.  They can be read and annotated on just about any tablet - consider it. 
  3. Why do you run in metro stations?  It is rush hour and there is no excuse for running in the first place.   But when you run with your bag flailing about behind you... well, you just cause other people to pirouette and avoid tripping over your bag.  Don't do this... ever.
  4. You're a commuter.  There is no overhead bin.  Be considerate and try to take up as little space as possible.  Also, taking up less space makes you more nimble and if you must run, then you'll only hurt yourself.
  5. Work life balance - if you're really taking that much stuff home at night, do you have a work life balance?  Shouldn't you consider just staying in the office for another 30 minutes?

Please do yourself (and everyone else around you) a favor.  Do not bring a rolling briefcase with you on the metro.  Many of us may not say a word, but we're all silently cursing you for making our commute more challenging. 

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