Thursday, March 28, 2013


And if you're wondering if I forgot how to spell - I haven't.  I want to talk about Versails.  Versails you say.  I've never heard of Versails.  Well... it is this beautiful place in France (just check out the picture below).

Wait a minute... you're telling me that this is Versailles?!?  I thought it was Versails.  OK not really, but my date the other night did.  And let me tell you it was the longest hour of my life.  It started off with a bunch of potetial.  Guy in his mid-30's.  Master's degree.  Traveled and lived abroad.  On the outset, seems like a reasonable fit for someone like me.

Then he opened his mouth.

It was all downhill from there.

Let me preface the date by the following statement - When you ask a girl out on the first Thursday of March Madness and she responds, hey, it's the first Thursday of March Madness, don't you want to go watch the games - know the following:

  1. She is a pretty cool chick. 
  2. She probably wants to watch the games.
  3. Again I say, she is a pretty cool chick. 
His response - but I really just want to get to know you.  I admit it.  It should have been a warning.  Sweet response... but it is March Madness after all.  

Back to the date. 

We went to a French restaurant and he already had some wine, so I ordered a glass off of the wine menu.  And he started talking.  Talking about traveling.  Talking about his life. And I couldn't help but think... holy crap, what have I gotten myself into.  And yes, I am completely judging now.

Not only did he mispronounce everything and I mean everything but we were from such different backgrounds (his two sisters, both older than me, live with his parents and have 8 kids by 5 dads - just to put this into perspective). 

The check came and he didn't even pretend to offer to pay for the whole thing. And another major fail.

Why can't dudes just be chill.  Just take me to a sports bar, buy me a few beers and don't talk to me about your trip to Versails.

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Princess Park said...

Wait so he didn't pay for you too? On a first date? How could he think that was acceptable?