Tuesday, August 16, 2011


If you have been following me on Twitter or Facebook you know that my life is beyond hectic lately. Today is the epitome of that.

Last night I arrived back into Washington from Indianapolis, two plus hours late... not going to get into to it, but suffice to say I was frustrated. Today, I had my usual craziness plus a video shoot thrown in there.

My usual days begin with a quick staff briefing, a flurry of conference calls, a few external meetings, a business lunch, and emails until I cannot type anymore (sound familiar?). Today had an added bonus.

Lately, I am worrying that I am becoming too high maintenance. Meaning people remind me to freshen. My makeup, call someone back, or brief me before meetings (yes, I am turning into that annoying person). But today was something new.

I my professional life, I often do videos. Videos discussing random thoughts of public policy, today I was trying to class it up. Mistake.

Have you ever seen me try to walk? Well today was kinda sorta like that. While it wasn't a complete dowager, it was close. I had to try to act casual and relaxed in the middle of a hectic day. I had to call an audible, said I can't handle casual and relaxed, I just need to get down to business.

So we did. We did a professional video shoot with tons of information that was focused (yes I do much better when straight to the point and not conversational). But the funniest part came just before the shot.

I put on makeup in the morning, otherwise I would scare a zombie away, nut didn't think much else of it. When we arrived to the video shoot, others had apparent,y thought of makeup,

We were shooting in HD.. Crap. My pores were not made for HDTV. And... I didn't bring makeup, but I was only reminded of this when someone else pulled out makeup to get rid of the shine. I was jealous and was laughing. Someone as anal tentative as myself would have remember to bring makeup to a video shoot. But no, someone else did.

Times like this make me think that I am becoming too high maintenance for my own good. Ten I wonder... Is this just the natural progression of life or is it me. I am hoping this is the natural progression of life.

However, lesson learned... When shooting in HDTV, bring makeup. Otherwise people will have to suffer through my shiny, oily, less than perfect skin. I can only hope that people who watch me aren't distracted by my face and actually listen to what I say. Generally, I don't mess the important stuff up. Everything else is fair game,


boneman said...

ah...you just left my iceberg and flew to Washington...
5 or six months ago, that is.
Good flight, I hope.
Not for me, anymore. Can't do the airplanes.

Anyway...what am I doing talking to you like I know you?
Well, I'm just that kind of guy. Friendly, you sounded nice (as written words sound, that is) and well, I just wanted to bring to your attention, some really great talkers in our time.
John Huston. Holy crabs running along a beach by the ocean, this man's voice could lull a person into making a Southern Comfort and ice and bring it hither.
Andy Rooney.
Three of my favorites, Anne Ramsy (ms. gravel voice "OWEN!") Katherine Bates ("this is going to hurt a bit") and Louise Fletcher.
None of the people I just said have a hoots chance of winning any modeling prizes. (well, of course, that's also due to some of them being dead, but, moxnix)
Your words are the most important part of the message, your enthusiasm is the most important part of the presentation, and your belief in whatever it is will be the energy that feeds you when times get rough.
Go get em!
(and, hey...just cause you don't know me doesn't mean you can't stop and give me a call when you're in Indy.)


boneman said...

you been playin FOOSBALL behind my BACK!