Sunday, March 24, 2013

Brunch, Walk of Shame, or Pride of Stride

I was out walking Rockne this morning.  We were just observing the people walk by and something occurred to me as I admired a very cold looking female scurrying along.  Are all of these people (who are reasonably dressed up not like me in sweats and a fleece) going to brunch?    Clearly not.  So we started a game... is that person walking to brunch, doing the walk of shame or the stride of pride.

Case #1 - Girl in a black blazer and green scarf.  She looked cold and had on a small purse.  I am guessing it was the walk of shame, because she would have on a much warmer coat if she were going to brunch but wouldn't bring a coat if she was bar hopping. Verdict: Walk of Shame.

Case #2 - Girl in a fleece, lots of makeup.  She was put together but dressed warmly.  She wasn't walking as fast as Girl #1.  I am guessing she was going to brunch because her coast was appropriate.  She did have on a lot of makeup - which suggests that she reapplied.  Verdict: Brunch.

Case #3 - Guy in a blazer.  Really, guys don't brunch.  He was smiling. I'm guessing he got laid.  And since he is a dude... Verdict: Stride of Pride.

If you live in a city, consider playing this game.  It really makes the morning walks with your dog much more entertaining.

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