Saturday, March 5, 2011

Awkward? Guy and Lady Friends

People think I'm full of shit... well they think that I'm full of shit most of the time, anyway.  But this is a question that I ask people... can men and women be friends?

Usually the conversations go something like this:

  • Of course they can just be friends - Then I ask a follow-up.  Do you have any friends of the opposite sex?  Of course (they respond).  Are there any that you haven't hooked up / made out with? [Ummm... awkward silence....] A few perhaps.  Are there any that you'd call up to just hang out with? [Silence...]
  • No, guys are only friends with a girl if he is interested in her - This one I have a hard time rebutting because I am a woman and don't think like a guy (often). 
  • Yes, until they start dating someone or get married.  Ummm, really?  Are people that insecure [at this point I usually stop in a bit of shock and disappointment.]?
My philosophy is that it depends on the type of man and woman if they can be friends. 

Is the guy very metrosexual?  Does he like clothes as much as or more than a normal woman?  Does he have more than 20 pairs of shoes? Does he spend more than five minutes on his hair (at any point in time...e ven if going to a fancy event)?  If the answer is yes, then I am betting he has his fair share of "gal pals".  But I would gander a bet that many of these gal pals are interested in him for more than a shopping buddy.   I would also bet that this guy has, sometimes, issues hanging out with other dudes. Dudes who enjoy sports, beer and the like. 

Then there is the boat that I fit into.  I am more interested in sports than most of the guys in DC, let alone the average girl.  I like hanging out at bars... I am a drinker, not a partier (more on this later).  On a nice day, you'll find me hiking, playing football, or rounding of friends for a game of kickball.  I have, what I think, are a decent amount of guy friends.  Maybe it is just because I like doing "guy" things (frankly I do most of my shopping online).  I don't really know.

Regardless of my observations, I am interested... do you think guys and girls can just be friends?  If so, are there any stipulations?  What if one of the parties is in a relationship?  Does this change anything.

I remember one incident where I was friends with a southern gentleman.  When I met his girlfriend, she put her body in between us at all times (just like my dog does when a repair man comes over that he deems a threat.  Rockne is always between me and the repairman).  I felt like saying... sweetie... you have nothing to worry about. Trust me, I don't want anything to do with a proper gentleman from the south.  

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