Monday, March 7, 2011

What does your iPod tell about you?

The worst reason I've had to break up with a guy is over his iPod.  I admit that it was petty of me, but sometimes, you just need to look at someone's iPod to tell what kind of person they are.  In my defense (if it is even possible) we only went on a few dates and I pulled a total guy move and just stopped returning phone calls (yes, women can to this as well).

It was last summer (methinks) and I was meeting this guy for a drink.  He was rocking out to his iPod (or so I thought).  When I asked what he was listening to, he responded, "NPR podcast".  This was the first sign (Disclaimer: I do occasionally listen to NPR, but then I realize that I'm still young and have the rest of my life to listen to NPR so I quickly change the station to something Bon Jovi-esque.).  "Oh really," I replied concerned about how well this date was going to go.

As it turns out, the only thing this guy had on his iPod were NPR podcasts.  HUGE RED FLAG.  Unfortunately, I didn't want to be a jerk (to his face) so I went through with drinks.  Wherein I learned about his Friday night, going to a 3 man play on American Indian identity struggles, I played flip cup.  Oddly enough, he was even younger that I was.  As you can imagine, I never called him back (yet he kept calling and calling and calling) and the reason for my actions was the iPod.

I think an iPod can tell a lot about the person.  What type of music is on it?  Is there a variety or one specific genre?  How do you name your playlists?  Do you only have NPR podcasts?  How often do you update it?

For the record, I have a mix of music, but mostly rock from all years (with a bit of country, jazz, Frank Sinatra, and old school hip-hop thrown in for fun).  I am a rock girl at heart (you'd know this the second you meet me).  I have my playlists organized by genre (i.e. Classic Rock, Hairbands) and then by occasion (kickball, Cajun Night, Saturday Night).   I do not... repeat... do not have NPR podcasts on my iPod (although I need to look into ESPN podcasts).  I don't update it frequently (mostly because some songs are just classics and because I have to rebuild my iTunes account and I don't have the time).

Hmmm... maybe this is where I describe my ideal guy (at least in terms of his iPod).... ok... here goes:
  • Rock Music - Has a decent amount of rock music. I like going to rock concerts. When I look at my mom, she still likes to go to rock concerts as well (I imagine I'll be the same).  I'd like to marry a guy who likes rock music (or will tolerate going to concerts with me). 
  • Country - Not a lot, but just enough to know that the song Alcohol is awesome.
  • Fun Playlists - Organization is important (i.e. genre) but having a list with a crazy name that just reminds you of that one great night is awesome.
  • New Music - I like listening to new music... please share. 
  • Podcasts - are ok... as long of 20% of your iPod isn't podcasts (and please hide the NPR ones from me).
I think that'll do. Did I miss anything?

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Rosey said...

Hey now! I just became a member of NPR because I listen to it every morning. (6am is just too early for Rhianna or Metallica.) I don't use my iPod anymore, I'm all about Pandora, and my "Right Now" station is a fantastic mix of everything you mentioned.

As far as new music, it's not new but check out "Alcohaulin'Ass" by HellYeah. Pretty funny and the first time I heard it, I thought it was "Alcohol and Ass" which makes me laugh.