Sunday, January 30, 2011

A NEW Saved by the Bell - It could happen

Good news!  Perhaps... I've been reading rumors, that Saved by the Bell will be having a reunion show.  Can you imagine?  I actually think that I am excited about it.

I was reading up on it, and I saw this post. I couldn't resist sharing it with you:

Zack & Kelly: Zack knocked Kelly up about 7 times by now. Being from a big family, she was ok with it but got fat and saggy. Zack left her for his younger, hotter secretary Jenna. 
AC Slater: Slater changed his major in college because wrestling would have become too challenging for him. He became a theater major instead, eventually landing a series of co-host gigs on talk and celebrity gossip shows. The public is still waiting for him to come out of the closet. 
Jessie: She was kicked out of Columbia because her California public school education turned out to be the equivalent of a G.E.D. She became depressed and turned to stripping, where she pops speed and dances to "I'm So Excited". 
Lisa: Lisa got involved with the wrong sorority and OD'd during her first year. R.I.P. 
Screech: He became the network president of E! He's now a ruthless cutthroat in the industry, has a supermodel wife and makes Ryan Seacrest give him head prior to each deal they sign. 
Mr. Belding: Not all of our long lost TV idols can have happy endings like Seacrest gives Screech. Mr. B continued to work at Bayside, being the best principal he could be. Unfortunately he was nice to the wrong valley girl, who manipulated the public into think Mr. B was a serial pedophile. Busy with their own lives, the old gang didn't come to his rescue and he's now serving 7-15 years in the state pen. He's married to his wife Alfonso and they have two gerbils, Frank and Steve.

But really think about it?  I had a HUGE crush on Zach (who didn't?).

However, according to rumors, it may or not be the original cast. Think a reunion vs. a remake.  Now THAT would be disappointing.

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