Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ice Storm Karma

I woke up yesterday morning to ice.  Ice!  Really?!?  I was hoping for Snowmageddon (which was glorious and fun, but perhaps that was only because I had a kitchen stocked with food, a fireplace filled with booze, and bars / restaurants within walking distance, plus I didn't have children to entertain, just my dog).

We all know the stories about me and my grace (or should I say lack there of).  And when I felt the freezing rain last night, I was worried about my health (for the next morning when I had to navigate the treachery). This is what I woke up to (and yes, I had to grip the bars as I went down the stairs because they were just a sheet of ice). and how I spent my morning.

Rockne and I were off (after I fell down my stairs, despite taking precautions of holding onto the railing - Fall #1) to walk around the block (slipped on bricks trying to exit my patio - Fall #2). We reached the sidewalk and he pulled me about 100 feet (ice skating but I didn't fall).  He then saw another dog (Fall #3) and started barking.  Apparently Rockne thinks he is the boss of the block (hmm... I wonder where he gets it from).

The rest of our walk was uneventful, until I went to the dumpster.  I tried to close the cage and bam! I slipped.  You see ever since a rat jumped out of the dumpster to me, I have been afraid, and I hurry (Fall #4).

Rockne was tucked all safe inside and I walked to the metro.  People were walking on the icy streets and icy sidewalks, for fear of being hit by a car, I chose the sidewalk path (Fall #5... at this point I am thankful I have some padding).  After briefly considering turning back and going home, I trucked on.  I arrived at the metro entrance wherein I tried to change directions to go down the escalator and ended up taking our the Express guy (Fall #6).

I got down to the metro and had to wait for 30 minutes for a train (never a good sign when the trains aren't even listed).  But when I magically exited at work, it was a completely different world.  The streets were clear, the sidewalks were salted, and I really felt like a klutz (and I was a little sore too).

I thought I was in the clear, but then I walked to school.  Apparently Georgetown think that they are better than the rest of DC.  I was walking, expecting everything to be hunky dorey, when bam!(Fall #7).

Moral of the story, starting the New Year without any Amy's was a pipe dream.  Apparently the year of the Amy (a.k.a. klutz) is back.

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