Friday, January 21, 2011

How you can tell you have good friends

A friend of mine was telling me this story... this is how you know you have good friends...

Our conversation went something like this (yes I am paraphrasing):

Friend: Amy, do you remember when we were here last?
Me: Yes.  That was a fun night.
Friend: Did I tell you what happened?
Me (slightly concerned): No, what happened?
Friend: Well when we were walking out, these guys asked me if you were with me.
Me: What did you say?
Friend: I said yes. 
Me: Wait, were they cute?
Friend: No, trust me on this one. They would not be acceptable for you.
Me: Are you sure?
Friend: Yes

I then proceeded to quiz him on what he meant by not acceptable (I also gave some coaching on what would be acceptable :-))

Bottom Line (coincidentally also the name of the bar): it is always great to have friends looking out for you.  Especially when you go out on the town.

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CW said...

Sounds like a wise, handsome friend.