Thursday, August 12, 2010

If you had one word to sum up your personality...

What would it be?

I've been thinking about this a lot.  I have a few options:
  • Brassy - At first I thought this word may describe me.  Mostly because I looked at it from the perspective that brassy is a little different, but still bright and shiny, not afraid to be unique. Then I looked up the definition (insolent, brazen, showy, harsh, strident, flashy, tasteless).  Ok... maybe not brassy (but in my defense, I saw myself sipping a dark liquor in a speakeasy without having a care in the world.
  • Determined - I think the worst thing that a person can tell me is that I can't do something.  If I hear these words, then I automatically do anything in my power to defeat it.  Hmm... maybe stubborn is a more apt definition. 
  • Competitive - Wait... these aren't good words that I'm thinking of.  I enjoy competition.  I think competition isn't negative, but I like to play games and I like to win.  And it isn't just games, generally, I like to do as well as I can and not leave anything behind.  I remember once when I told my boss I wasn't competitive.  He laughed for days and he still reminds me of the situation. 
  • Dedicated - I know a few of my friends who would say that I am dedicated because I'll do anything for anyone.  I also fight for my friends and family (see determined and competitive). 
  • Klutzy - I fall.  It is known as "Pulling an Amy" and it has caught on.  Both my co-workers and my friends like to say, "Guess what happened last weekend. I pulled an Amy." Awesome.  At least I am know for something :-/
  • Charming - I think this is the one I'm going with.  A few years ago after my friend's wedding, I was driving home.  I was tired and hungover (so was my date).  I'm sure I did something stupid because I got the look of death.  My response was, "It's part of my charm!" Suddenly the situation was defused, he started laughing and I coined a new catch phrase.  When you think about it, it is the quirks in life that make people unique and it also can make them annoying. But if you take a step back and consider that those are the quirks that makes someone special, then suddenly it isn't so bad.
I think I am going to go with charming as a word that describes my personality.  It fits all of my quirks and my wit complements my charm.

Unless of course you disagree.

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