Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Grooming Lessons

Generally, I like to think of myself as a put together person.  I usually wear nice clothes (although no one looks good during sweatmageddon) and not go outside looking like a slob (unless it is the middle of the night and I am walking my dog).  I usually put some makeup on, I wear heels (or flip flops if it is the weekend).

Yet, I often find myself in an odd predicament.  I constantly find various people grooming me. Sometimes it is a... "Amy your purse rubbed off on your dress". Other times it is an "Amy, what in the world did you spill on you?"  Often, people will just come up to me and pick off lint, dirt on my face, something randomly stuck to me.

This leads me to wonder, am I not grooming myself properly?  Or do people just like taking care of me and helping me "look my best" (if that is even possible :-/).  We all know that I lack grace (this is why I took up tap dancing and not ballet), but I figured I could at least get something right.

To all of you who help to groom me.  Thank you! I completely understand that it takes a village for me to look presentable and your efforts are not in vain.

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