Thursday, August 12, 2010


I think I consider myself a passionate person. Sometimes my passion turns into stubbornness (and a temper).  I can't help that (even tho I try).  I'm Irish and a Taurus. I've been thinking a lot about this "passion" lately and I've learned the following things.
  1. My passion gives me the drive to do things that others may not attempt.
  2. My passion for others makes me do almost anything for anyone.
  3. My passion helps me to motivate (some may say coerce) others to engage in my schemes.
  4. My passion makes me restless because I think that I should always be doing something.
  5. My passion can make me frustrated when things don't go my way.
My challenge is trying to control my passion so that I don't become over-bearing, let my temper get the best of me, or do something that I'll regret.  I am eternally grateful for my passion, it is a part of me (dare I say a part of my charm), I just don't like it getting me into trouble (even if that trouble is only with myself).

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