Saturday, July 10, 2010

Stranded on a Deserted Island

You've seen this question before... if you were stranded on a deserted island... what would be the possessions that you would take with you? Well... for your entertainment purposes, I am going to answer that question... in regards to sustenance.

I would bring an unlimited supply of three things... pickles, popcorn, and beer (probably a nice lager because I wouldn't get sick of drinking it in the heat).  Why these, you may ask... well let me tell you.

Pickles - I've always adored pickles.  I am not sure why, but I could eat a whole jar in one sitting (yes I realize that is gross).  I was just pondering it the other day as I was studying but would get up to snack on pickles.  What is it about them? The crisp snap when you bite into them?  A must.  The dill / briny flavor? Don't try to pass off sweet pickles or gherkins as real pickles! I also appreciate that they come in a variety... slices, spears, whole, garlic. Only Americans make the right pickles.  Please don't try to pass off pickled onions, seaweed or the like off as a pickle.  That is simply wrong.

Popcorn - Let me start by saying that I am a popcorn enthusiast.  I grew up in Indiana (producer of 90% of the world's popcorn).  Ironic... I think not! As a kid, we would always have popcorn while we watched basketball games.  Or, when I would visit my grandma, she would make it on the stove and we'd watch the lottery program together.  Popcorn is associated with great memories.  I am picky on my kernels.  I think they should be round and fluffy... not hard (like some of the ones around here). Because of that, I only buy my kernels in Indiana and "import" them back to DC.  Why would I want to be stranded without them

Beer - Well, we all know that I am a beer enthusiast. And I think a nice crisp lager would do me well on the beach (assuming I can keep it cold).  A good lager has a lot of flavor, goes well with popcorn and pickles and isn't as heavy as a Guinness.

Not that I'm hoping to have to enact this plan on a deserted island, but I am prepared in case I have to shelter in place while living in DC (now that has a higher likelihood of happening).

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