Sunday, July 11, 2010

European, Gay, or Metrosexual

This is the new game my friends are playing in Dupont and I can't lie, it is hard.When I first moved here, I told you stories of how I'd see two guys walking and enter a bar and I naively thought that they were two friends going to hang out.  You know... I was very wrong.  Lately I game has evolved.  So many people in DC are "hipsters" and it is annoying.  Now it is hard to know who is straight, who is available, who could help you pick out an amazing purse, and who knows where to dance.  It is too confusing.  How can I tell is a man is European, Gay, Metrosexual... OR... a normal straight man?

Case in point... this weekend I went to Cobalt (gay dance club) with a girlfriend and a very hyper, horny man (more on that later). We were having fun (bartenders didn't wear shirts - a treat for both men and women alike) and getting drinks. The bartender's, at least some of them, were straight.  How do I know this... they were flirting with the ladies.  I understand why straight men would work in the bar (especially if they look good without the shirts on) but this just confuses me.

Why can't my life be simpler? Alas the struggles of living in Dupont.

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