Monday, July 12, 2010

The National Archives

Sometimes in my life, I get to do cool things.  This week, I planned an event at the National Archives.  And yes... I'm talking about the National Treasure place. It was amazing. I had Bob Woodward come and speak to my group.  He regaled people with his humor, his unique perspective in life, and the phenomenal (one might say legendary) stories about how he is able to find out information that no one else does.  They just don't make people like him anymore.

I was fortunate enough to be able to have the whole National Archives to myself (well not really to myself, but to myself and a group of my closest colleagues). I was able to close it down and get to meander at my leisure.  I was able to walk up to the Constitution, Deceleration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights without waiting in line.  I was able wander around, listening to experts talk about the documents

If you haven't been before (or in a long time), I highly recommend checking it out.  Give me a call, I'll give you the Nicholas Cage tour (yea right).

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