Thursday, July 29, 2010

Front and Center for Obama Speech

In case you missed following me on Twitter yesterday (ahem... you should follow me on Twitter... just click here, I thought you'd want to hear about my experience in watching President Obama give his speech on education reform.

Last night I was reading press coverage of the speech and tweeted this:
  • "I'll be there! RT @markknoller: Tmrw: Pres Obama delivers "major speech" on edu reform to National Urban League 100th Anniversary Convention"
I arrived at the convention center @ 8am to try and get through security.  I had a special pass but no one would let me move to the front of the line. Finally, I was relentless and I was able to talk my way in.  It took a while, but I didn't give up.  I am glad I didn't because I got to sit up close and watch them set up for the event.
  • Sitting so close for #obama speech at #nul I can almost hug him. Looking forward to speech on education. Will send pics
  • Look how close. Getting excited. Will tweet from speech. #nul #obama
  • @markknoller speech should be interesting and we'll see if anything happens. I am in front row and wondering how it will be received.  (As a side note, Mark Knoller is a reporter in the White House and gives some great coverage, follow him on Twitter). 

We then were listening to the opening ceremony and a few of the sponsoring CEO's talk. During these speeches I was tweeting.  I got my tweet retweeted a few times.

  • Pitney-bowes ceo is challenging people to tweet answers for success in education. #socmed #nul
  • Interesting... #NUL speeches before President speaks are all white CEO's so far. 
All of a sudden I heard helicopters overhead and I knew that the President had arrived.  
  • President Obama here. Heard helicopters overhead. Waiting for them to put the Presidential Seal on podium, that is when the real deal begins
  • Presidential seal on podium now. Secret service just brought it.

  •  Interesting secret service are the ones making sure the teleprompters are set up properly. Now press pool in front of me. Hope they sit down  
The President walked on stage to a standing ovation. I was really excited because it was the closest I've ever been to him. 

  • Obama giving good sppech on education reform. Focusing on preparing for the future.
  • Sat right next to Education Secretary Arne Duncan. Sweet
  • Obama just said he'd veto any watered down education reform. Really pushing for change.
  • I am there RT @whitehouse: Watch now: Obama's major education reform speech at the National Urban League 100th Convention (The White House was also tweeting about the event so I sent along the link so others could watch).
  • Some of my friends were jealous:    Mr_CW:  @aoconnornd My jealousy is strong.      
The speech was serious, but he still had a little fun with it and made us laugh.
  • Obama just referred to Snooki. Said we should idolize teachers. Couldn't agree more.
  • I think Obama just misquoted Einstein. Will follow up. He was trying to say doing something over and over and expecting different result...
    • I was wrong on this... my friends are great and they helped to correct me
    • Mr_CW: @aoconnornd I think it was Ben Franklin that said that.   
    • CITYist: Truth: Def. of insanity is doing the same thing over & over & expecting diff. results RT @aoconnornd I think Obama just misquoted Einstein 
  • Obama laughing when said people say he only talks about parental responsibility in front of black folks. He said he is a black parent. 
His speech was ending
  • End of his speech sounds like a campaign speech. Yes, you can (was prevalent). He focused on future, possibilities, accountability and responsibility 
He then came down to shake hands. and YES I SHOOK PRESIDENT OBAMA'S HAND. I have a picture of it, but you can't really tell, but believe me that is him.  I do have proof.  I still can't believe it. Very cool.
  • Just shook Obama's hand!
Days like this in DC are very very very cool. 

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