Thursday, July 29, 2010

Because I am a Nerd

I know that there are a lot of you out there who can stalk me, but did you know that I can stalk you?  Ok, I cannot really stalk you, but I have learned a few unique things about my blog... let me share them with you (and I highly encourage you to share a few things with me).

  • I have had over 800 unique visitors to my blog in the last month.  I know I am not that interesting.  Maybe it is just my weird sense of humor or my frustration with people that keep people coming.  Or, you just accidentally googled something and it sent you here... sorry :-/
  • Apparently you prefer to view my blog in Internet Explorer (for the record, I prefer Mozilla.  If you haven't tried it yet, I think you should. You can get it here:  it is far superior that IE and will change how you view the web. Just think... no more timing out!).
  • In the last month, people from 13 different countries have visited my blog.  If you are from a different country, just say hi.  The countries stalking me are: U.S., Canada, Brazil, Argentina, U.K, Germany, Denmark, Bulgaria, Jordan (I just figured out who is reading my blog from Jordan... Hi Chris!!! :-)) , Iran (confused about this one), U.A.E. (anyone want to invite me to come and visit), Indonesia, and Australia (again the last continent I haven't been to... anywhere I should go?).
  • On a given day 37% of the people who view my blog are new.  This rocks!  Tell you friends. Also remember that I encourage guest bloggers.
  • Apparently most of you know about my blog and come here directly, but about 25% of you come when I post something pithy on twitter or facebook.  Speaking of.  Are you following me on twitter?  You should.
The best statistic of all... I have over 100 users who regularly read my blog.  These are people who have visited my blog over 100 times.  THANK YOU for your readership.  And don't forget to say hi to me. 
    I hope to hear from you soon and thanks for visiting!

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