Wednesday, April 7, 2010

So freakin' Cool - Shuttle Launch

I was so bummed. I am a huge space nut and was bummed when I discovered I would be in Orlando during a shuttle launch but on a plane. I've tried to see the shuttle launch and no luck.

The launch was at 6:21 my flight 6:07. Shoot.

I wondered what would happen if I missed my flight (for work)? If it were for personal, I would reschedule in a heartbeat. But I was a good girl and got on my flight as planned.

Here is what happened.

Flight took off, headed to coast.
It is pre-dawn and the sun is just peaking over the horizon.
The pilot turned the plane and I realized we were almost right over the cape.
I was on JetBlue and had live TV. I turned to Fox News which was streaming the NASA feed live.
The boosters fired.
A ball of orange light flooded the ground and grew in intensity.
The ball of fire lifted off of the ground.
I saw the shuttle pitch.
I saw the plume.
It flew over my wing.
The sun is now rising.


There are only three shuttle launches left and I have to see one. President Obama has canceled all space flight for the US. Relying on the Russians and commercial (and untested) space flight.

He is coming to FL to talk space business on April 15th. I will be listening to see what he says. I am planning to be disappointed.

What happened to the days when the space program inspired hope? Was a sense of pride for the country. Aren't we explorers by nature?

Not that I am an advocate of spending money, but if we just cleaned up the fraud and waste in Medicare, we could fully fund the space program and more.

With all the money we waste, why not invest? Sometimes you have to take risks. You never know what will be discovered. Can you imagine your life without Velcro? Tang? Hahaha... Just kidding, but if I recall, these were all invented by NASA.

More on the space program to come.

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