Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Creepiest Thing Happened Today

I was eating my lunch, listening to my i-pod and studying for class. All of a sudden I heard the song playing in the restaurant. I probably had my ears perk up because it was by Van Morrison (one of my favorites). The song was "Into the Mystic".

I kid you not, but seconds later the same song popped up on my i-pod.


A few items of disclosure - I have 1800 songs on my i-pod, and it was set on random shuffle. The probability that a song plays is low, and the probability that it plays simultaneously is even lower (yes, I've considered doing the math... But not quite motivated to do so yet.)

But seriously. Isn't that weird. It isn't as if I was listening to a contemporary song.

Maybe this is a sign things are turning around.

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