Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I am very excited. I get to sit courtside to watch the Pacers play the Knicks. I am very nervous.

First of all, I couldn't tell you who plays on the teams (looks like I will have to do some research before I get there). It isn't that I don't like basketball, I do. I just don't follow pro ball.

Second of all, what do I wear? Guys have it easy. They can wear khakis and a polo. Me? Shit!

Third of all, I was invited to watch the game with my CEO. Hmmm.

Ok, now that I am sufficiently stressed, any advice?

Look for me on TV tonight. Hopefully I won't be the one looking like an idiot.

Wait... Maybe this is an opportunity, remember the Spike Lee incident with the battle between the Pacers and Knicks in the 90's. Well... Move over Spike... Here I come.

Just kidding.

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