Thursday, April 22, 2010

Running on the Metro During Rush Hour... A Cardnial Sin?

In a one word... YES!

I am frustrated almost every morning as I exit the train at Metro Center.  I take in the Red Line (which is on the top floor).  Every freakin' day, as I walk to the exit, people are coming up from the Orange/Blue line and running (no let me rephrase... SPRINTING) to get onto the train I just exited.  They bump into to me.  Their stupid wheeled computer bags running over my feet. Babies are white knuckled as their parents careen around a corner... all of this to make a train.

Before I continue with my rant... I must put in a provision here. The only acceptable time to run on the Metro is late at night when trains can be over 30 minutes apart.  I'm not criticizing the people who do that... mostly because that is just for survival.

Back to rush hour...

For those of you who don't live in DC, rush hour trains are generally 2-4 minutes apart.  Worse case scenario, you have to wait a whole 5 minutes (gasp). This morning, my train was waiting for a train on the platform and there were two trains behind us (1 and 2 minutes behind respectively).  I saw (because I counted) 8 people sprinting to get on my train.  I was hit by three of them.  I was tempted to trip the next person I saw running (but restrained myself). 

So I ask you... am I just mean and intolerant... or should we start a revolution and tell people to chill out during rush hour?

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Lisa said...

You definitely should have tripped the next person. I don't think you're mean and intolerant but perhaps we're just too much alike?