Friday, April 23, 2010

NFL Draft Excitement (PS - I'm a Bronco's Fan Now)

I was sitting around and watching the NFL draft (because why wouldn't I?) and I noticed a few things...

A - Claussen fell under the ND quarterback curse.  He was predicted to go in the top ten (at least), but then the Redskins traded for McNabb and things changed.  Fortunately, he learned from Brady Quinn and didn't bother to attend in person.  For those of you who don't remember, Quinn came to the draft, expected to go high, and they had to move him to a back room.  Eventually, Cleveland made a deal and was able to grab him in round 1.  I wonder what is going to happen to Claussen (supposedly the second best QB). For the record, if you didn't watch the draft... the commentators kept trying to pimp him out to the teams... maybe he should go here... maybe there...

B - I am a Tim Tebow fan.  I am also a Brady Quinn fan.  Now both of them are playing for the Broncos!!!  Move over Colts (ok... not really), but now I'm a Bronco's fan.  For the record, so is the rest of my family.  I have to wonder... what were Orton and Quinn thinking when they pulled over Tebow.  Not that I'm complaining, but it should be interesting to watch them play. 

Drama.  I love football!

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