Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Rules

I've decided that I need to start writing more rules for people to abide by. Why, you might ask. Well it isn't because I know best (although by looking at the decisions some people make, I often wonder if I do), but it is because I have a lot of rules or pet peeves that I would like to turn into rules.

The rule for this week is... Responsiveness.

I am sick of the games people play to make them wait... And not just the dating games.

Rule #1 - if I call, please don't screen. However, it is ok if you don't answer because you're busy. But if you don't answer the phone but respond to other methods of communication... The I get frustrated.

Rule #2 (really an addendum to Rule # 1) - I appreciate all forms of responsiveness but if you shouldn't be answering your phone... Then don't. Just left me leave a vmail and call me back.

Rule #3 - Email responses. I get that we are busy, but how long does it take to respond to an email, especially when we have it available in our pockets at all times. I typically respond within minutes. While I know this is not possible, can we all agree that the end of the day is good?

Rule #4 - Texting. I know you are on your phone. I know you got my text, just respond (I implore you)

I generally try not to be a high maintenance person, but I am a busy person who likes to keep busy and use my time efficiently. I my email on my way to work, text during class, and blog while watching TV, but this is all in the spirit of me keeping my sanity.

I don't expect you to be as efficient as I am (is that efficient or crazy). I generally respond to texts within minutes, emails with an hour, and a call as soon as possible (I admit I am the worst at calls, but this is because it is hard to talk on mass transit).

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