Friday, April 2, 2010

I met someone today who gave me a good kick in the ass

I had a flight from DC to Orlando to visit my parents. I was hungry (and thirsty) so I stopped in the airport bar. It was there that they were doubling up tables. I sat across from this lady. Her name was Mary.
Mary was in town visiting DC for a conference on abused children. She works in law enforcement in Miami.

But not just any law enforcement, child prostitution.

I, being naturally curious, start asking questions because I don't run into this in my daily life. What I learned was horrifying, yet motivational.

Here is what I learned.
1 - There are 400,000 reported child prostitutes in the US... Not the world... Our back yard. This is only reported, I imagine there are many more.
2 - The majority of these children are girls. They are discarded. Their parents don't want them. Their parents are in jail.
3 - They are abused, beaten. They lost their innocence at an early age.
4 - They are forced to have sex dozens of times a day. Never a day off.

I was... I am horrified.

Living in my little bubble, I have to admit that I don't think about these things. I often think about things like... How will I get my school work done... Man that beer is expensive tonight. And today, I judged myself.
It isn't that I judge myself for not thinking about these things... Because these things are far too horrible for me. But I judged myself for not taking action.

I have been blessed with a fairly easy road in life. I've been to the best schools. Have a secure job. Family support. A gift to see things in a light that others don't. A passion to win, change/fix the world. And, most importantly, knowledge of how to do it.

How will I change the world? I am a believer that a group of smart and dedicated people can do anything. I have the name of my organization, the Contemporary Braintrust. I have a mission, advocate for generational issues (economic, social, etc). I have the knowledge and ability to do it using a social media platform. But what is stopping me? I need a team.

So friends (and I've talk with many of you), I have been pushing this more lately... Now I will not stop.
I am not ok with living in a country that has a national debt that will be more than GDP soon. I am not ok living in a country where the youngest generations pay for the mistakes of the past. I am certainly not ok with living in a country where 400,000 little girls are forced into prostitution and beaten by their pimps.

Are you?

I am a driver by nature. I lead. I know how to get things done. This is my call. This is my plea for help. I don't want to start this on my own... But I will. And for those of you who know me... I will do everything I can to get it done.

Please help.

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Rosey said...

This is why it KILLED me to turn down Teach for America. There are major issues with the world's youth - very heartbreaking ones - and we need to help them.

Right now I'm reading "Three Cups of Tea" about Greg Mortenson, who dedicates his life to building schools for Pakistani children (mostly girls). Now there's someone making a difference.

If TFA isn't going to be my way of giving back to the world, I need to figure out something else. I've had too blessed of a life to sit back and let other people help our children. I just don't know what that is yet. I plan on contributing to CB, but need something else too... let me know what ideas people have. You're right. It just takes a few smart, dedicated people to get the job done. And I'm GOING to be one of them.

Happy Easter weekend!