Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Funniest Text Exchange

I am going on about my day when I get a text message from a random 765 number (I looked it up and it was from Central Indiana).  There is no name, but a number.  So I play along.

Here is how the text conversation went:

765: Who is this?
Me: Amy... who is this?
765: Josh Channess    Amy who?
Me: Amy O'Connor.  I don't know who you are.  Are you friends with a MaryAnn?
765: IDK... lol... where are you from?  I live in Winchester
Me: I think someone wrong numbered you at a bar.  That sucks.  I hope she was cute. I live in DC
765: So you don't want to meet?
Me: No, but I have some fun friends in Indianapolis if you're interested
765: That's ok... i just thought it was fate

Seriously... who does this type of thing happen to?  It just made me laugh.

1 comment:

A. Lising said...

I can't believe you gave him your name! Haha. That is hilarious. Love how random it was. :)