Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sugar Mama Status

I continually evaluate my goals in life. I think it is important to adjust your actions and thinking as things in life change. For example, I was once told I should be a housewife... The thought still makes me laugh. Can you imagine? I don't know what I would dow with myself? One thing is for sure, I would try to get on one of the reality tv shows... You know Real Housewives of wherever... Come to think about it.... That could be kinda fun.

For now, at least, my goal is not to be a housewife, rather it is to be a sugar mama. Ever since the Pew Center came out with a study discussing how woman are making more money and getting more education, that it is making the incentive to marry more obsolete. In the past, woman had to marry to live. Now... Not so much. Hence my new goal... Sugar mama! (just hope I have enough sugar to make the status)

Why, you might ask, do I want to be a sugar mama? Let me share with you my reasons.

1 - I've been there done that when it comes to dating people who are just as focused on their career and trying to be a primary bread winner. Frankly, it isn't too interesting when everyone is stressed out.

2 - I was eliminating a large portion of the dating pool.

3 - When I stopped hanging out with DC political types, I realized I was having more fun.

4 - Moral center. Now... I am not saying that those of us who work too much don't have a moral center, ut imagine how different your discussions would be if you were married to a professor or a guidance counselor versus a lawyer or doctor?

5 - why not embrace the fact that I could be a sugar mama and let the man do whatever he wants to in life. Yes mom, I know you're probably cringing at this.

So if you know anyone looking for a sugar mama and doesn't mind me yelling at the tv during football games, send them my way.

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