Friday, March 19, 2010

My personality assessment

I have taken many personality tests (is that weird???) and they usually come back saying the same thing... They say I am a solid ENTJ - or (for those of you who don't real Meyers-Briggs) Extrovert, Intuition, Thinking, Judging. When they talk about people with the same profile they are called "leaders or directors" and people like Bill Gates, Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump share the same letters.

When my eharmony profile came back it said that I was kind, patient, and caring. I figured I was tired when I took the exam, but my friend laughed and said you ARE those things. I laughed because I know that I'll do anything for anyone, and I've become more patient on the outside, but sometimes I am screaming on the inside. Talk about ying and yang.

I wonder if those personality traits match up to being confident, driven, and relentless... Three things which I know aren't always my best qualities... But like I've said before... "It's part of my charm."

My worry is that I will be matched with someone who is a pansy... What a fear huh? But I suppose you can't have two people like me in a relationship because that has disaster written all over it.

I suppose that means I only have one qualification for a guy... That he can talk to people without having to be drunk. I know this sounds like a weird qualification, but it is very true with a lot of guys I know or have dated. I guess the reason I want this quality is because when guys don't talk, I feel like I am intimidating them. I know my mother would say relax and don't be too bossy... But sometimes I can't help it.

Alas.... The quest (or adventure begins).

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