Monday, March 22, 2010

Pub Crawl...

In an evening destined to be legendary, my friends and I embarked on an annual legacy.  We set off to conquer the bars in DC... well not all of the bars, just the ones on the Metro.   To start, let me say that last year was a lot more ridiculous.  We had twice as many people, and probably drank twice as much (despite the fact that this year's pub crawl was a lot longer). 

Our mission - 12 hours of drinking on the Metro... Two teams... a competition. 

Result - almost 12 hours of drinking on the Metro... played flip cup in a bar for two hours (AWESOMENESS)... got stuck in a Metro elevator... ate jumbo slice... caught the hiccups while walking home... all in all -- GLORIOUS!

The pub crawl was progressing averagely, we were drinking respectfully at every bar, watching bball and just relaxing.  That is... until we arrived at the Bottom Line (awesome bar) and they told me we could play flip cup... we were the only people there and we played for hours.  Andy (my brother) even brought out him chugging abilities... "I'm out of shape and would not have won any competitions in college, but here I was relatively good."

We then headed to Gallery Place... and me, trying to be efficient, says "Let's just take the elevators and skip the crowd." So we do.  We get up to the street level and the elevators open... but only about two inches.  CRAP! I mean really!  Who does that happen to?  Apparently it happens to us.   This is where it gets interesting and fortunately we were all fairly lubricated at this point. 

I am trying to be rational and encouraging people to be quiet so that I can call for help.  Another girl is suggesting that we try to close the doors and go back down.  The guys... being guys... macho like and all... are determined to open the doors by brute force.  10 minutes later... they pry open the doors and we all rush out.  Best thing... some people forgot that the whole incident happened.

Thanks to everyone who participated on the crawl.  It was a lot of fun.  My brother was impressed that I was able to make non-douche friends in this city (more on this later).

Save the date for next year!


Anna said...

Sounds like it was a lot of fun! Sad I missed out... Although, I was in Tahoe this weekend, so I can't really be too bummed. ;-)

Stephen said...

oh sooooooo sad to have missed it. Sounds like you did more crawling than pub crawling. Good times though I'm sure!

Yes, I posted this to the Bachelorette as well. Get over it.

Amy O'Connor said...

It wasn't the same without you (either of you). Not as many people were going hard core this year. No rounds (and rounds) of shots. No puff the magic dragon (as a bonus no pulling someone out of the bathroom and taking them home).

Next year, you'll have to fly out.

Anna said...

You mean there was no one declaring they were drunk after the very first stop and no one sliding down the metro escalator handrail? Such a disappointment. Haha.