Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Bachlorette

A friend of mine told me that she had a dream that I was the Bachlorette.  She didn't remember much about it except that the media described me as "Sassy"!   I think I like that word at least some of the definitions.
  1. imprudent or disrespectful [Boo... but I can see me tearing down a guy that really annoys me]
  2. lively and high-spirited [now that is more what I'm talking about]
  3. stylish and fashionable [remember the french guy... ;-)]
I would hope that when People Magazine (apparently I was on the cover in the dream) put "Sassy Amy, the newest Bachlorette" as a headline, that they were referring to all three definitions.  I'm someone who does take crap, but also stylish and has positive energy. 

According to my friend... "it was a flattering article and I was super cute on the cover... posed all casual like "what? oh now, I'm just so busy I can barely stay still for this picture.  But yes, I naturally pose like this in mid-stride, and did I mention my dazzling teeth?"  

Her dream got me thinking... what if I were on a reality TV show?  Generally I don't watch them (with the exception for American Idol - yes I judge - and Top Chef). I think the people on the shows are fake and pushing other agendas and they are not real!  Can you imagine someone like me on a show?  First of all... I'd like to think I'd be nice for a while and then I'd cut the crap and tell people that they are annoying me. 

You gotta love dream.  Here's hoping that she drank some tequila before she went to bed... yay tequila faries!

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-Stephen said...

oh sooooooo sad to have missed it. Sounds like you did more crawling than pub crawling. Good times though I'm sure!