Saturday, March 6, 2010

Part of My Charm.... A Black Dress

Or so I thought that I was wearing a black dress yesterday.  I have this cute shift... that is bark-ish in color (for you men out there... that means somewhere between a brown and a black).    Anyway... in the morning I thought it was black.... so here is how my day went.

Shower... find a clean dress (which for the record, I find it much easier to put on a dress in the morning because there is no thinking about it... once you put on a dress... you're dressed - get it?).  I found one... put it on, then I put on my tights, threw on my cute black shoes and ran out the door.

I went on about my day for a while and it wasn't until halfway through the day that I realized I had on brown tights (dark brown at least) and black shoes.  I thought... man I'm hot.  Good thing that Frenchman didn't see me today. 

So then here is my dilemma... what do I do?

My dress is bark... the tights look good with the dress because they are both dark.  The shoes are a little off (but still adorable) and it is only in the sunlight that you can really tell. 

I tried on the paid of brown shoes I keep under my desk... disaster...

I was all discombobulated.  Drama!

Guess it is just part of my charm.

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