Sunday, March 7, 2010

Adventures on a Saturday

I enjoy it when I don't know what my day will be... yesterday was a prime example.

I woke up early and my feet hurt... a lot.  So I called my salon and I can a fabulous pedicure... ahhh relief.  While at the salon, a friend called and wanted to go try the most amazing sandwiches.  So I picked him up and we went off to wait in a 30 minute line for sandwiches.

I then came home, walked my dog, and took a nap.  Taking a nap was glorious because I haven't been able to take one in a long long time.  It has been a stressful week and a 60 minute nap was all that I needed to rejuvinate myself.  My friend woke me up, via text, asking when we're going out?  I said come'on over.

We got dressed up and started walking around for a restaurant.  None of the restaurants in Dupont were feeling right, so we hopped in a cab and headed downtown.  I have a place there, with cute bartenders... if you sit at the bar, you can drink for free almost all night and they just charge you for some of the food.

I really enjoyed it because the bartenders took care of us.  From pouring us 4 martini's (I even had and enjoyed a manhatten)  each to telling us which of the items on the menu were fabulous.  It was glorious and cheap.  I am going back. 

Super Double Bonus - I made friends with the Sommelier!

Life is good.

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