Thursday, March 4, 2010

Why do I love the... Al Tiramisu

One of my favorite restaurants in DC is Al Tiramisu.   I like it for many reasons including the following:
  1. They always treat me well and generall remember me (there was this unfortunate incident once where they didn't have my reservtion and they have been trying to make it up to me ever since)
  2. The food is phenomenal.
  3. When I arrive early (which I usually do because I think on time is late... yes I am anal), the usually make me a martini and bring me a small bite.
  4. All of the waiters are Italian and they have an Italian spirit (ahem... I tried to order a bottle of Chianti once and they asked if I wanted that bottle or a good bottle.  Some people are offended... I enjoy it).
  5. They have celebrities... and not just the DC kind (ahem... Karl Rove and Wolf Blitzer... and yes I've seen them both there) but bonafide celebrities like Harrison Ford w/ Calista Flockhart and.... drumroll please... George Clooney.
Last night, I was looking for a place where a group could get together to celebrate the life of a dear friend.  I had six work colleagues in town and I knew exactly where to call.  It was perfect, they put me in front of the fireplace, brought over some amazing food and let us be by ourselves. 

When I walked in they said "Amy/Amanda (because I go by both and have two reservation names by both in their system) welcome, we've missed you".  I thought... I've missed you too.  They made me a lemon martini and it was a fabulous night.  Now I just have to coearse my friends to go with me there on occassion.

Maybe I'll bribe them with the first dinner on me.

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