Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Good morning?

I like to think I am a nice person. Sometimes I wonder if it is because I'm from the midwest and can't help myself. In the mornings, while walking my dog, I find myself say good morning to people.

When I do this, one of the following happens:
  • I get the look where the person wonders if I am on drugs
  • I get the... You have to be kidding me, I haven't had my coffee yet look.
  • I get a shocked look s stunned they can't utter the words back
  • Occasionally I get a good morning back.

I began thinking, is this an east coast thing? Is it a morning person thing (yes I am a recovering morning person)? Why is it so shocking when a stranger smiles and says good morning?

I personally think the world would be a better place if everyone said good morning to three strangers a day. In fact, I challenge my readers (if there are any) to do so and report back your findings.

I also challenge my readers / lurkers to comment once in a while. I am just curious who reads what I write and... Do you think I am crazy? Also, is there anything you want me to write more of? A lot of crazy crap goes on around me so I have a lot to choose from.

Your homework (whether you choose to accept it or not):
  • Say good morning to three people in the morning for a week straight
  • Comment on my blog (don't care if it is anonymously or not) just so I know you are out there lurking... And, for the record, I don't judge the lurkers.


CW said...

As a lifelong East Coaster, I sometimes go with the standard head nod a/k/a "the what's up." It's acknowledging someone's existence, although "Good Morning" is a bit far for me.

Good Morning Sms said...

Its really so good and informative post. thanks for sharing us.

Syd said...

I read it! And apparently 15 other people at LTC do too...because tons of people randomly said good morning today.