Monday, March 8, 2010

Do you get to the airport early... Or do you like the rush?

I think there are two types of people in the world... People who like to get to the airport early and those that waltz in minutes before the plane door shuts. Which are you?

Generally, I am an early person. I chalk this up to me being anal and hating to be rushed. I've also traveled all over the world and been stuck in security lines hours long, missed flights and its taken days to get to my destination.

However, sometimes (perhaps when I am not looking forward to arriving at my final destination) I push the envelope and only arrive an hour early. I know - I'm living on the edge.

I have friends who like to live on the edge, showing up so they are always the last person on the plane. Is this a thrill? Because I've done this before and it just makes me anxious. I'd much rather get my thrills from doing something adventurous.

I suppose this also gets into the risk taking debate. As you know, from my previous blogs, I am a risk-taker, so naturally I would assume the same would be for airports. I suppose my conscientious obligations weigh above my risk-taking tendencies. I am always early. If I am on time or a few minutes late, I feel horrible. I would much rather wait for a friend for an hour than have them wait for me for five minutes.

So what does being anally early to the airport really get you? Breakfast? I don't really know , but on a morning like this, I had a lot of entertainment in the people watching category.

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telisa said...

i also have to get there really early even if the flight leaves at 6:30 am..i'll be there at least 2 hours early..its not worth the anxiety otherwise.