Monday, March 15, 2010


Last night, I found myself watching Pacquanio fight Cotter. You may ask yourself... Seriously Amy... A fight? Shockingly I really enjoyed it. Here is how my day went...

Afternoon - friend bailed on movie to watch fight. I said, there is a fight???

Evening - went to movie with crew, drove up to Dupont to go out. Meeting friends at Buffalo Billiards again... (Closed it down the night before watching ND lose to WVU).

Out - friends having a birthday party and couldn't abort going to Buffalo Billiards even though there was a long line and a cover (on principle I try not to pay a cover... But I did that and waited in line).

In - Realized they were charging cover to watch the fight (I just wanted to watch Georgetown game). I had no idea the fight was such a big deal... Guess my friend was right in bailing.

Game - I am not a huge boxing fan, so instead of watching the pre-fight fight, I watched a very exciting basketball game. Too bad Georgetown lost in final seconds

Fight - the fight came on and I found myself fascinated. I must confess... I don't think I have ever watched a fight before... I was standing with some buddies of mine in front of 5 screens. I was enthralled (they didn't seem so... Gabbing like a bunch of ladies). The guys informed me that they were moving. I didn't want to lose the best seat in the house... And/or miss the fight. I stayed put for 45 minutes watching and learning. I have to say, I enjoyed it... And I am not sure if I judge myself or not.

Why I liked the fight:
1 - pacquaino is an animal. He three almost three times as many punches as Cotter.
2 - I learned some techniques for my Nintendo Wii boxing
3 - I appreciated the amount of physical stamina and toughness they have.
4 - they were both bad-asses
5 - the crowd was really into the fight and it was just a lot of fun.

Next time - I am going to plan on watching the fight in advance.


CW said...

Clottey not "Cotter." But I pretty much agree with your observations. If/when Pacquiao (my personal favorite boxer) fights Floyd Mayweather Jr (great villain,) the buzz will be off the charts. You'll definitely know a fight is about to be on, because everybody will be talking about it.

A. Lising said...

It's Pacquiao, not Pacquanio! :) That's my boy right there.