Sunday, February 14, 2010

Update from Snowmageddon #2

I figured I should continue with my updates from Snowmageddon.

  1. I am thankful I remembered to stock up on liquids (a.k.a. alcohol) befoe the storm, I still have a strong supply.
  2. No mail... it has been over a week.  I wonder if that means my Grandpa never got his 90th B-Day card?
  3. Grocery store still looks like the Soviet Safeway... does that mean it is back to normal or still recovering?
  4. A train de-railed today.  It was on the route between Dupont and Farragut.  I walked home from work (didn't want to risk it).
  5. DCers don't handle snow well, it is like anarchy out there.  I'm staying hidden inside.
  6. Rockne sinks in snow, yet he feels the need to climb the highest pile of snow to do his business.  He ends up sinking on all fours until his belly stops him.  I then have to lift him up.  His legs are like chopsticks in rice, just sinking to the bottom.
I just hope we have a heat wave soon. We're expecting more snow on Monday.  Boooooo

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