Monday, February 15, 2010

Dupont Snowball Fight

Last Saturday, Rockne and I participated in a snowball fight.  We, and thousands of other people, were celebrating in the snow.  Here are some pictures of my adventure.

Thousands of people walked to Dupont Circle.  It was Dupont North vs. South.  I was suprised to see the people pouring down the street.  It was novel at the time, now it is annoying because they packed down the snow so much they couldnt plow the street.  Here is a pic of people walking all the way down Connecticut.

By the time (5 minutes before the official start of the match) we got there.  The park was already packed and the fighting begins.  If you look closely, you can see someone mounting a flag on the circle.

The snow was so trampled, that people brought bags to fill up with snow, so they could bring in fresh amunition. There is only one word - amazing.

These guys were relaxing in the snow bank behind the benches.  The snow was so high, they were using the back of the bench as a footrest.

It was a fun night  Capped off by the ginormous snowman across from my condo.

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Rosey said...

That looks so fun!!! Man, now I wish I had a snowpocalypse.