Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I caught the Vice President going home today - Cool

I was waiting for my bus to school (mundane). But a little bit of  excitement popped up.

10 motorcycle cops, follow by 5 Suburbans, then 2 limos, and finally 8 more suburbans and a police car.

It was the VP.

I saw him, and I waved.

What I was marveling at was the speed and efficiency with how it came through. I waved and I'm pretty sure he waved back (ok maybe not, but I think I at least got the head nod). If you've ever seen a motorcade before, it cities (that are not DC) they can be paralyzing. Mucking up traffic from New York to Indianapolis.

Here - virtually no back-up. Awesome.

I suppose this is the week for presidential sightings.

P.S. - the President's limo is much cooler. The Beast. Looks like Biden has Bush's leftovers.

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