Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Why I think tagging photos in facebook is evil

Have you ever been tagged in a photo and thought... how cruel?

Have you ever tagged someone in a photo because that moment was too funny to forget and Facebook just makes it so easy?

Well... I have to admit that I am guilty of both. My new resolution (not New Year's resolution) is that I think tagging photos in Facebook is evil and that we should all stop.

Are you with me?

Let's discuss this for a moment. Back in the olden days (you know... 5-10 years ago), when someone took a picture, it would just sit in a pile somewhere, or if you were really unlucky made it into a photo album. Now, it is posted on a board, with a caption proclaiming to the world what was going on... why you look constipated, or what you are triple fisting.

Even if it is a cute posed photo, don't you think that the people you tag should get to opt-in to being identified? I mean seriously though. Think about the privacy laws that exist and if you're identified in a Time Magazine picture or even the Real World - Washington DC you have to give your consent or your face is blurred out.

Should we have the same courtesy for online photos?

I think so, especially considering the ability for things to be more widely distributed (especially to your mother).


Rosey said...

See, I'm torn. I also see the other side that says if someone posts a picture of you, they should tag you so you know it's posted. The worst is if someone posts an awful picture of you and fifty common friends see it, but you had no idea because you weren't tagged.

I err on the side of tagging. People can always untag themselves, and that way they know the pic exists.

Anonymous said...

Untagging (apparently) also pisses people off. I struggle with this.

Alas, story of my life.

Anonymous said...

i untag most unflattering/worrisome pictures of me. the rest i leave..possibly because i'm narcissistic and like having pictures that i didn't get the chance to take myself...but that another issue i suppose.