Friday, February 5, 2010

2nd Blizzard of the Season

DC is expecting another record snow thru the weekend (16-24 inches). This will do one of two things to enhance or spoil my weekend. Because I am an optimist, let's look at the enhance version first.

This Saturday, I have my annual red line pub crawl scheduled. A group of friends and I get together and take the metro, stopping at every station, to drink (there is a complicated scoring system involved, but I won't get into that here).

The snow could be fun because it would mean the follow:
1 - the bars won't be crowded because DCers are wusses when it comes to snow
2 - why not drink and play in the snow
3 - the bars will be so happy to have customers, they'll give us discounts.
4 - there is nothing better to do in a blizzard, so we might as well drink.
5 - once on the metro, we are either underground or in a bar and don't have to deal with the bad weather
6 - I love snow gear and can't wait to wear my hat, boots, etc

Now for the negative part
1 - it is snowing so much that people can't get into the city to start the pub crawl
2 - it takes 30 minutes in between trains
3 - bars close because no customers and employees can't get into work
4 - I break a bone (not completely unrealistic knowing my amazing grace).

Looks like the positive aspects win. Wish me luck in completing the pub crawl and finishing in one piece.

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