Saturday, February 6, 2010

The New America's Team.... ?

As many of you know, I enjoy football. Albeit, I prefer college football, I still support the Indianapolis Colts. But this week has been fraught in anger and frustration as it seems the whole country is cheering for the New Orleans Saints and calling them the new America's Team.

But I argue that the Colts are already America's team. While admit that the Saints win would help to bolster the mood in New Orleans and be a great symbol to all of the people who struggled almost 6 years ago, I don't think that qualifies them for being "America's Team".

The Colts are a perfect definition of America's Team. They are an integral part of the Indianapolis community. The team doesn't have the controversies and big egos that a lot of other teams have (yes I am expecting a lot of comments here... but come ‘on... really...). The Colt have a wide array of talent and they are consistent. They are located in the heartland of America... where, frankly, there isn't much else going on.

People from the middle of the country can relate to a team that is located in corn fields in a town where a 15 minute delay during rush hour is considered gridlock. When I think about the Colts, I think about respect and teamwork, not self promotion and showing off (again no comments on the fact that Peyton does all of the commercials, etc... he is a league MVP afterall).

In an article titled "Trash Talk? Not at this Super Bowl" Mike Celizic discusses the piety of both teams and calls the Colts "Team Family Values" (which is true).  He says, "No team in any sport is more dedicated to cirtue and piety than the Colts.  It was a top priority of former coach Tony Dungy, and remains one for current coach Jim Caldwell.  You'd no more expect a Colt to talk trash that you'd expect Congress to make you proud."  The Colts are a team I enjoy watching for that very reason.  

For the Super Bowl, I just ask that people will give the Colts a chance. Even though I am making my infamous Jambalaya for the game, I will be cheering for the Colts!

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