Saturday, August 8, 2009

Why H Street Country Club is Awesome

How can you not love a bar that has Mexican food, Mojitos, Mini-Golf, Skee-Ball, and Shuffle board? I think it is hard not to. The bar I am describing is not a fantasay on some wish list... it actually exists. It is called H Street Country Club and it is awesome. I prefer to go to the CC on a friday or during the week when it isn't too crowded. Apparently it is becoming popular and now that have a line outside (eye roll please).

I was at the CC the other night and I was enjoying a rousing game of skee ball (yay!) and drinking mojitos. Unfortunately it was too crowded to play mini-golf (boo). I was drinking mojitos... because they are awesome there and a friend went to go get a second. When the second arrived it was gross... mostly soda water... no rum... and no mojito in it at all. So what did I do???

Well being the modern woman, I don't stand for bad drinks... so I took the mojitos up to the bar, paitently waited for the bar tender to return and told him that I come here frequently and I know they can do better. He laughed at me... mixed up some super mojitos and I went about on my merry way.

This is why I love the CC... customer service. At other bars, they would have looked at me funny, or they wouldn't have accepted a Modern Woman exerting herself and encouraging the bar to stan up for customer service.

If you haven't been yet, I highly suggest that you try it soon.

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