Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hit Me Baby One More Time!

And I was enjoying it!

I was walking home yesterday and a Britney song appeared on my iPOD... you can you judge me, because I'm judging myself.

I am usually guilty of quickly flipping thru songs on my iPOD and only listening to a few seconds of a song because I get bored, it is rare that I will listen to the whole song. But when it came to "Hit Me Baby One More Time" I found myself rocking out and didn't realize what I was doing until the song was over, I was disappointed and then I had to hit the back button to see what I was listening to. Drama!

I have no idea what I going on, was I in a retro mood? Is there really any excuse to listen and enjoy a retro(ish) Britney song? I can't think of a good reason to do so. .

This leads me to my guilty pleasure section of today.... Here is a list of my guilty pleasures this week:

  1. Rockin' out to Old-School Britney
  2. Seeing two movies (in the theatre) in a day because sometimes you just need a mindless break
  3. Sleeping in on Saturday (for some reason I am extremely exhausted this week)
  4. Rockin' out to Old-School NKOTB (that is New Kids on the Block for you non-cool people... or maybe that is for your cool people and I'm the non-cool one... that is a thought that is going to fester) while I am studying for my final.

Lesson Learned - Stop flipping thru your iPOD once and a while, you never know what sort of magic moment may appear, or if you'll be inspired.

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